Can Cannabis help with Seasonal Allergies 

Allergies that are seasonal are so annoying for a lot, and while some people can deal with this without the watery eyes and sneezing, some people aren’t so lucky, with more and more people utilizing pills, sprays, drops for the eyes, or something to help with functions. But even so, it can be quite frustrating, and it may not work for everyone. Some people are looking for an alternative, and perhaps medical cannabis may be useful for this, especially if you’re sick of taking antihistamine medication. Here, you’ll learn just what it can do for you, and if it can be something for seasonal allergies. 

The Cause of Seasonal Allergies 

What causes this? Well, it’s basically plant pollen. So while your plants may look pretty, they’re basically releasing a bunch of pollen gets into your body, and your body sees that are a threat, so it causes inflammatory responses. Basically, these pollen elements are seen as the enemy, so your body needs to protect you. This is something that is used to help with protecting against attacks. 

Some people do cause this autoimmune responses, but in most cases it’s basically from the foreign pollen coming to the body, and it’s not something that’s just from internally. However, some people with autoimmune disorders may have reelections. Histamines are tiny compounds that help with itching and inflammation. Hives is something that is a common result of histamines, and they help white blood cells and other options cross into your bloodstream to the tissues there, and fights everything. 

Can Cannabis help 

There are some effects that marijuana has directly on the system, including the inflammatory response and the immune system. CBD is one of these, since they can reduce a ton of inflammation, including neural and chronic inflammatory conditions. 

This is also an immunosuppressant, so it can help turn off the immune system, and it also helps to induce apoptosis, which is the programming of cell death, so it can help to fight off some dangerous bacteria and viruses. There are also granulocytes that are something that has chemicals that give off with a lot more magnifications. 

Probably the biggest way that CBD and cannabis can help is of course, if some people have these allergies, there are certain anti-inflammatory properties that help to counteract inflammation to help you breathe. 

Another big part of this though, is that while it is good for you, you shouldn’t totally replace your allergy meds cold-turkey, but instead is good for those who want to complement their allergies For those who deal with mild allergies, CBD and marijuana may help reduce needing to get antihistamines that are more traditional, and for those who deal with severe allergic reactions due to seasonal allergies, this can replace one of the nasal sprays, eye drops, or pills, and may help you with mitigating the effects. 

While it may not be something that’ll totally cure everything and it really shouldn’t, but there are a ton of benefits that come with this, and a lot of people will definitely benefit from this. In general thigh, it’s not perfect. However, those that are high in CBD may notice that the allergic reactions are a whole lot less, and for those that struggle with severe allergic reactions, you might be able to, with this, be able to truly and easily deal with allergies without it being too much. 

Some people do like to smoke it, but usually, a gel capsule or even a tincture and whatnot can help with the inflammatory response and make your life easier than ever before. 


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