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Effects of Nutrition on Oral Health

When it comes to the discussion about maintaining oral health, most of the people talk about brushing, flossing and going to the dentist. While these ways of maintaining oral health are pretty important, people usually forget about the role of nutrition for oral health.

So, just because you are brushing and flossing your teeth regularly doesn’t mean that you can eat anything. Oral hygiene practices may not save you from developing an infection in the oral cavity if your food is not good for your dental and oral health.

In this article, we are going to discuss how nutrition can affect your oral health.

Connection between sugar and bacteria

It is a well-known fact that bacteria feeds on food leftovers which are rich in sugar and carbohydrates. After consuming these sugars and carbohydrates, bacteria release acid which dissolves tooth enamel. This dissolution leads to the tooth decay which can get worsened to turn into cavities.

Nutrients can help your mouth fight infections

There is a direct connection between oral and overall health. Any problem in any of the aspects of health can reflect from the other aspect. And if you are eating healthy foods, you can avoid infections from developing in your mouth and, so, in many other parts of the body. If you eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin C, you actually strengthen your immune system to fight infections.

Regular snacking and plaque buildup

You need to know the fact that regular snacking can cause plaque buildup. Acid causing bacteria can still flourish when you eat regular meals. And if you snack a lot, the production of those bacteria can take complete control of your oral cavity. It means that you are going to get a lot of plaque buildup. You need to make sure that you are not snacking with the food items which can be harmful for your oral health. Instead, you can consider eating fresh vegetables and fruits because these natural food items can regulate saliva in your mouth.

Soda can be dangerous for your tooth enamel

Sodas are not only acidic but they are sugary at a dangerous extent. It means that they can be dangerous for tooth enamel from two perspectives. You need to know that every sip of soda can leave a damaging reaction which lasts 20 minutes.

Water is good for your oral and dental health

The production of bad bacteria never stops in the mouth. The key to maintain oral and dental health in this regard is to wash away those bacteria after regular intervals throughout a day. The best way to wash away bacteria is to drink plenty of water. Water will also contribute in the production of saliva in the mouth.


Foods and Beverages That Can Stain Your Teeth

It is pretty much clear that everyone wants white teeth. If we look at the total spending on teeth’s whitening procedures, it can be found out that there are $1.4 billion spent on the purchase of teeth whitening products each year. In general, the annual revenue teeth whitening industry is $11 billion. Having that said, it would be worth mentioning what types of foods can stain your teeth in first place.

There are different ways foods can stain your teeth. In first case, there are foods which are acidic in nature. There are the foods which either dissolve tooth enamel directly or they promote the production of bacteria which do this job. Another type of foods includes the ones which have naturally bright colors. These colors in the foods are due to the presence of chromogens which stick to the tooth enamel in order to stain it.

Now, it would be worth mentioning the foods and beverages which can result in the staining of teeth.

Coffee and tea

Whenever you need a quick boost in energy, the very next thing you think about is a cup of coffee of tea. However, you need to know that these beverages can stain your teeth. Tea and coffee basically has acids which tend to dissolve the tooth enamel. During this process, the stains are left on the teeth.


Red wine is thought to be a drink which can stain your teeth. The reason is that it is acidic, and that it contains strong chromogens which can stain the tooth enamel. Here, you may think that white wine may be a better choice. The matter of fact is that white wine is equally capable of staining the teeth. The reason is that white wine has high content of acid.

Food coloring

It’s a no-brainer why food coloring can result in teeth’s staining. The very reason these colorings are added into the foods is that they color the foods. Hence, you can expect these food colorings to stain your teeth as well.

Sugary drinks

Sports drinks and sodas provide great amount of joy during summers. But have you ever wondered what is inside those drinks. These are the sugar saturated drinks which also contain huge amount of acids. We all know how bad the sugar and acids can be for dental health. These drinks tend to dissolve tooth enamel. Due to this dissolution, teeth become vulnerable to staining.

You may wonder how to completely quit these foods in order to save teeth from getting damaged and stained. Well, you don’t have to quit these foods completely on immediate basis. Rather, you can follow a procedure to get rid of consumption of these foods in a gradual way.

Moreover, you need to visit your dentist every now and then. A visit after every 6 months is recommended. You can also ask your dentist about the foods you can eat and also about the foods which you shouldn’t consume.

 Cannabinoid therapy for Arthritic Conditions 

Arthritis is a major disability that affects adults all over the world, and it’s something that can cost the industry billions. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common, and fortunately cannabis is possible to help with this. 

How it happens and symptoms

The symptoms usually are associated with inflammation of parts of the body. you’ve got osteoarthritis, along with rheumatoid arthritis, which can be autoimmune, cancerous, traumatic, and infections too. 

Osteoarthritis is the most dangerous, where it degrades the joint parts due to the wear and tear of the body over a period of time. the hips and joints get the most affected by this, but it can affect the feet, spine, and even the hands. 

The pathology of osteoarthritis is because of interleukin 1a, which is basically a degenerative erosion of your ligaments, leading to the destruction of the bone cells with underlie this. Those that suffer from this deal with inflammation, cracking joints that are creaky, or stiffness of your joints. 

Rheumatoid arthritis is pretty much autoimmune, in that the antibodies of the body will attack your synovial cells that are in the inner lining tissue of the joint there, and it’s largely associated with interleukin six, and affects a lot of organs, which lead stop joints which are painful and deformed. It can cause stiffness of your hands and feat, the spinal neck column, and these annoyances are pretty much daily for those who have it It’s something treated with anti-inflammatory medications and NSAIDs, but another good thing is of course, cannabis

Cannabis Literature 

There is new cannabis literature that’s in place, and it actually may help with up to 70% of the damage that happens with chronic arthritis. This also may help with addressing the pain that is called nociception, which is something that can be as effective as blocking the progression of these arthritic types, at a dose of 25 mg/kg in most people. 

This is pretty good because it’s just 2 grams a day for someone who weights about 154 pounds. CBD does directly help to modulate this, reducing the chemicals that are there, and also helps with the macrophage and neutrophils recruitment, to help repair the damage that’s present in the joint in the best way possible. 

Not only that though, but it can also turn off the pro-inflammatory cell signals, and CBD is able to recruit the stem cells to go to the site of injury, and they also can make these stem cells become chondrocytes in order to build the joint tissues again. 

This is becoming a pretty popular way to treat medical cannabis because it treats the cause of this, not just the symptomatic problems that come with this, and it minimizes side effects that come with treatment. Cannabis is also good for rheumatoid arthritis, and it treats the symptoms and pain, and it’s important to understand that it can sometimes treat the root cause, but not all the time. 

Depending on the type of arthritis that’s there, this of course can help with some intervention. It can help with gout, since this can treat the targeted area, and it also does require medications to treat this, in addition to cannabis. 

Some joint problems and pains are due to infectious elements, and these are usually medical problems, requiring immediate drainage of the joints and therapy and antibiotics to avoid damage permanently to the body. 

With cannabis, there are different types out there and some of them may be helpful for the treatment and usage of this. If you think it can help, talk to your doctor about arthritis treatments today. 

Can Cannabis help with Seasonal Allergies 

Allergies that are seasonal are so annoying for a lot, and while some people can deal with this without the watery eyes and sneezing, some people aren’t so lucky, with more and more people utilizing pills, sprays, drops for the eyes, or something to help with functions. But even so, it can be quite frustrating, and it may not work for everyone. Some people are looking for an alternative, and perhaps medical cannabis may be useful for this, especially if you’re sick of taking antihistamine medication. Here, you’ll learn just what it can do for you, and if it can be something for seasonal allergies. 

The Cause of Seasonal Allergies 

What causes this? Well, it’s basically plant pollen. So while your plants may look pretty, they’re basically releasing a bunch of pollen gets into your body, and your body sees that are a threat, so it causes inflammatory responses. Basically, these pollen elements are seen as the enemy, so your body needs to protect you. This is something that is used to help with protecting against attacks. 

Some people do cause this autoimmune responses, but in most cases it’s basically from the foreign pollen coming to the body, and it’s not something that’s just from internally. However, some people with autoimmune disorders may have reelections. Histamines are tiny compounds that help with itching and inflammation. Hives is something that is a common result of histamines, and they help white blood cells and other options cross into your bloodstream to the tissues there, and fights everything. 

Can Cannabis help 

There are some effects that marijuana has directly on the system, including the inflammatory response and the immune system. CBD is one of these, since they can reduce a ton of inflammation, including neural and chronic inflammatory conditions. 

This is also an immunosuppressant, so it can help turn off the immune system, and it also helps to induce apoptosis, which is the programming of cell death, so it can help to fight off some dangerous bacteria and viruses. There are also granulocytes that are something that has chemicals that give off with a lot more magnifications. 

Probably the biggest way that CBD and cannabis can help is of course, if some people have these allergies, there are certain anti-inflammatory properties that help to counteract inflammation to help you breathe. 

Another big part of this though, is that while it is good for you, you shouldn’t totally replace your allergy meds cold-turkey, but instead is good for those who want to complement their allergies For those who deal with mild allergies, CBD and marijuana may help reduce needing to get antihistamines that are more traditional, and for those who deal with severe allergic reactions due to seasonal allergies, this can replace one of the nasal sprays, eye drops, or pills, and may help you with mitigating the effects. 

While it may not be something that’ll totally cure everything and it really shouldn’t, but there are a ton of benefits that come with this, and a lot of people will definitely benefit from this. In general thigh, it’s not perfect. However, those that are high in CBD may notice that the allergic reactions are a whole lot less, and for those that struggle with severe allergic reactions, you might be able to, with this, be able to truly and easily deal with allergies without it being too much. 

Some people do like to smoke it, but usually, a gel capsule or even a tincture and whatnot can help with the inflammatory response and make your life easier than ever before. 

Medical Marijuana for HIV/AIDS 

While there isn’t a cure, if you detect it early, you can understand the right steps to take. For a lot of people, they might test if you’re not sure about your sexual health. For those that are negative, the doctor will just offer preventative tips. For positive, there are medications that keep the viral levels much lower and managing this is the best way to prevent transmission of the virus. For those that are pregnant, a doctor may advise other steps to prevent it from getting to the unborn child. 

HIV Stages 

HIV comes in different stages, and there are symptoms to look at. First, you have an acute HIV infection, which is a bit flulike, and it maybe so mild that you don’t even notice it, but the viral level is very high. Sometimes you get symptoms similar to the flu, but most people don’t even experience it, and the thing is, these symptoms can also be a sign of the other illnesses too. 

In the second stage, the virus is multiplying, but at a much lower and more shallower rate, and this moves into chronic infection, and you might not even feel sick or have symptoms. With this stage, you can go into it for up to 15 years without treatment, and it does depend on the person. If you do follow the instructions, you can lower the viral load to levels not detected, lowering risk of transmission. If the viral load does get detectable, this does transmit to others, so make sure that you do talk to your doctor before you do get these checkups. 

Then there is stage 3: AIDS, which is basically not managing the symptoms at hand, and eventually, this does attack the immune system. It causes weight loss that’s rapid, night sweats, increased tiredness, pneumonia, diarrhea that lasts, sore genitals, mouth, and anus, depression and memory loss, and even neurological disorders too. You can deal with these symptoms, and it’s important to make sure that you get tested for this to prevent further infections. 

Medical cannabis and How it Helps 

Medical marijuana helps with this, since it can reduce pain, help with the nausea that comes with this, and also boost the appetite. This is something that’s been used since the early days of the AIDS epidemic, and over time, this has been something that’s changed from an herb that you smoke, to other products. 

You can usually get strains that are high in THC and CBD to help with this, and this can help as well with insomnia and nausea associated with the drug cocktails that you need to take. In most cases, you can use this to mitigate the side effects, and also boost your appetite as well. 

While you can’t totally get rid of HIV in this way, you can of course, use this to help with the symptoms of this. It also is a lot better for you, especially if you feel like you’re unable to sleep, or have severe pain. Some studies have found as well that it’s really good for neuropathic pain, alleviating it, and is great for chronic pain too, a common symptom of the long-term condition. 

It also helps with anxiety, since it can help with the tension and stress that comes with HIV and aids. It also is good for those who are dealing with weight loss, since that it can help with stimulating your appetite, managing it by reducing the symptoms of this too. This is effective for treating a lot of symptoms, but not the condition itself though.