Cannabinoid therapy for Arthritic Conditions 

Arthritis is a major disability that affects adults all over the world, and it’s something that can cost the industry billions. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common, and fortunately cannabis is possible to help with this. 

How it happens and symptoms

The symptoms usually are associated with inflammation of parts of the body. you’ve got osteoarthritis, along with rheumatoid arthritis, which can be autoimmune, cancerous, traumatic, and infections too. 

Osteoarthritis is the most dangerous, where it degrades the joint parts due to the wear and tear of the body over a period of time. the hips and joints get the most affected by this, but it can affect the feet, spine, and even the hands. 

The pathology of osteoarthritis is because of interleukin 1a, which is basically a degenerative erosion of your ligaments, leading to the destruction of the bone cells with underlie this. Those that suffer from this deal with inflammation, cracking joints that are creaky, or stiffness of your joints. 

Rheumatoid arthritis is pretty much autoimmune, in that the antibodies of the body will attack your synovial cells that are in the inner lining tissue of the joint there, and it’s largely associated with interleukin six, and affects a lot of organs, which lead stop joints which are painful and deformed. It can cause stiffness of your hands and feat, the spinal neck column, and these annoyances are pretty much daily for those who have it It’s something treated with anti-inflammatory medications and NSAIDs, but another good thing is of course, cannabis

Cannabis Literature 

There is new cannabis literature that’s in place, and it actually may help with up to 70% of the damage that happens with chronic arthritis. This also may help with addressing the pain that is called nociception, which is something that can be as effective as blocking the progression of these arthritic types, at a dose of 25 mg/kg in most people. 

This is pretty good because it’s just 2 grams a day for someone who weights about 154 pounds. CBD does directly help to modulate this, reducing the chemicals that are there, and also helps with the macrophage and neutrophils recruitment, to help repair the damage that’s present in the joint in the best way possible. 

Not only that though, but it can also turn off the pro-inflammatory cell signals, and CBD is able to recruit the stem cells to go to the site of injury, and they also can make these stem cells become chondrocytes in order to build the joint tissues again. 

This is becoming a pretty popular way to treat medical cannabis because it treats the cause of this, not just the symptomatic problems that come with this, and it minimizes side effects that come with treatment. Cannabis is also good for rheumatoid arthritis, and it treats the symptoms and pain, and it’s important to understand that it can sometimes treat the root cause, but not all the time. 

Depending on the type of arthritis that’s there, this of course can help with some intervention. It can help with gout, since this can treat the targeted area, and it also does require medications to treat this, in addition to cannabis. 

Some joint problems and pains are due to infectious elements, and these are usually medical problems, requiring immediate drainage of the joints and therapy and antibiotics to avoid damage permanently to the body. 

With cannabis, there are different types out there and some of them may be helpful for the treatment and usage of this. If you think it can help, talk to your doctor about arthritis treatments today. 


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