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Medical Marijuana for HIV/AIDS 

While there isn’t a cure, if you detect it early, you can understand the right steps to take. For a lot of people, they might test if you’re not sure about your sexual health. For those that are negative, the doctor will just offer preventative tips. For positive, there are medications that keep the viral levels much lower and managing this is the best way to prevent transmission of the virus. For those that are pregnant, a doctor may advise other steps to prevent it from getting to the unborn child. 

HIV Stages 

HIV comes in different stages, and there are symptoms to look at. First, you have an acute HIV infection, which is a bit flulike, and it maybe so mild that you don’t even notice it, but the viral level is very high. Sometimes you get symptoms similar to the flu, but most people don’t even experience it, and the thing is, these symptoms can also be a sign of the other illnesses too. 

In the second stage, the virus is multiplying, but at a much lower and more shallower rate, and this moves into chronic infection, and you might not even feel sick or have symptoms. With this stage, you can go into it for up to 15 years without treatment, and it does depend on the person. If you do follow the instructions, you can lower the viral load to levels not detected, lowering risk of transmission. If the viral load does get detectable, this does transmit to others, so make sure that you do talk to your doctor before you do get these checkups. 

Then there is stage 3: AIDS, which is basically not managing the symptoms at hand, and eventually, this does attack the immune system. It causes weight loss that’s rapid, night sweats, increased tiredness, pneumonia, diarrhea that lasts, sore genitals, mouth, and anus, depression and memory loss, and even neurological disorders too. You can deal with these symptoms, and it’s important to make sure that you get tested for this to prevent further infections. 

Medical cannabis and How it Helps 

Medical marijuana helps with this, since it can reduce pain, help with the nausea that comes with this, and also boost the appetite. This is something that’s been used since the early days of the AIDS epidemic, and over time, this has been something that’s changed from an herb that you smoke, to other products. 

You can usually get strains that are high in THC and CBD to help with this, and this can help as well with insomnia and nausea associated with the drug cocktails that you need to take. In most cases, you can use this to mitigate the side effects, and also boost your appetite as well. 

While you can’t totally get rid of HIV in this way, you can of course, use this to help with the symptoms of this. It also is a lot better for you, especially if you feel like you’re unable to sleep, or have severe pain. Some studies have found as well that it’s really good for neuropathic pain, alleviating it, and is great for chronic pain too, a common symptom of the long-term condition. 

It also helps with anxiety, since it can help with the tension and stress that comes with HIV and aids. It also is good for those who are dealing with weight loss, since that it can help with stimulating your appetite, managing it by reducing the symptoms of this too. This is effective for treating a lot of symptoms, but not the condition itself though.