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Effects of Nutrition on Oral Health

When it comes to the discussion about maintaining oral health, most of the people talk about brushing, flossing and going to the dentist. While these ways of maintaining oral health are pretty important, people usually forget about the role of nutrition for oral health.

So, just because you are brushing and flossing your teeth regularly doesn’t mean that you can eat anything. Oral hygiene practices may not save you from developing an infection in the oral cavity if your food is not good for your dental and oral health.

In this article, we are going to discuss how nutrition can affect your oral health.

Connection between sugar and bacteria

It is a well-known fact that bacteria feeds on food leftovers which are rich in sugar and carbohydrates. After consuming these sugars and carbohydrates, bacteria release acid which dissolves tooth enamel. This dissolution leads to the tooth decay which can get worsened to turn into cavities.

Nutrients can help your mouth fight infections

There is a direct connection between oral and overall health. Any problem in any of the aspects of health can reflect from the other aspect. And if you are eating healthy foods, you can avoid infections from developing in your mouth and, so, in many other parts of the body. If you eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin C, you actually strengthen your immune system to fight infections.

Regular snacking and plaque buildup

You need to know the fact that regular snacking can cause plaque buildup. Acid causing bacteria can still flourish when you eat regular meals. And if you snack a lot, the production of those bacteria can take complete control of your oral cavity. It means that you are going to get a lot of plaque buildup. You need to make sure that you are not snacking with the food items which can be harmful for your oral health. Instead, you can consider eating fresh vegetables and fruits because these natural food items can regulate saliva in your mouth.

Soda can be dangerous for your tooth enamel

Sodas are not only acidic but they are sugary at a dangerous extent. It means that they can be dangerous for tooth enamel from two perspectives. You need to know that every sip of soda can leave a damaging reaction which lasts 20 minutes.

Water is good for your oral and dental health

The production of bad bacteria never stops in the mouth. The key to maintain oral and dental health in this regard is to wash away those bacteria after regular intervals throughout a day. The best way to wash away bacteria is to drink plenty of water. Water will also contribute in the production of saliva in the mouth.


Foods and Beverages That Can Stain Your Teeth

It is pretty much clear that everyone wants white teeth. If we look at the total spending on teeth’s whitening procedures, it can be found out that there are $1.4 billion spent on the purchase of teeth whitening products each year. In general, the annual revenue teeth whitening industry is $11 billion. Having that said, it would be worth mentioning what types of foods can stain your teeth in first place.

There are different ways foods can stain your teeth. In first case, there are foods which are acidic in nature. There are the foods which either dissolve tooth enamel directly or they promote the production of bacteria which do this job. Another type of foods includes the ones which have naturally bright colors. These colors in the foods are due to the presence of chromogens which stick to the tooth enamel in order to stain it.

Now, it would be worth mentioning the foods and beverages which can result in the staining of teeth.

Coffee and tea

Whenever you need a quick boost in energy, the very next thing you think about is a cup of coffee of tea. However, you need to know that these beverages can stain your teeth. Tea and coffee basically has acids which tend to dissolve the tooth enamel. During this process, the stains are left on the teeth.


Red wine is thought to be a drink which can stain your teeth. The reason is that it is acidic, and that it contains strong chromogens which can stain the tooth enamel. Here, you may think that white wine may be a better choice. The matter of fact is that white wine is equally capable of staining the teeth. The reason is that white wine has high content of acid.

Food coloring

It’s a no-brainer why food coloring can result in teeth’s staining. The very reason these colorings are added into the foods is that they color the foods. Hence, you can expect these food colorings to stain your teeth as well.

Sugary drinks

Sports drinks and sodas provide great amount of joy during summers. But have you ever wondered what is inside those drinks. These are the sugar saturated drinks which also contain huge amount of acids. We all know how bad the sugar and acids can be for dental health. These drinks tend to dissolve tooth enamel. Due to this dissolution, teeth become vulnerable to staining.

You may wonder how to completely quit these foods in order to save teeth from getting damaged and stained. Well, you don’t have to quit these foods completely on immediate basis. Rather, you can follow a procedure to get rid of consumption of these foods in a gradual way.

Moreover, you need to visit your dentist every now and then. A visit after every 6 months is recommended. You can also ask your dentist about the foods you can eat and also about the foods which you shouldn’t consume.